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Store Closing Message

We have made a difficult, but prayerful decision that we would like to share with all of you.  After 10 years of business, we are closing The Woolen Willow retail quilt shop.  We need to dedicate more time to the operation of our magazine, Primitive Quilts and Projects. 


A few answers to your questions: 

We will continue shipping regular BOM project kits monthly until the project is complete; 

We will honor all FULL frequent shopper cards during the month of April; 

Gift cards may be used indefinitely; if used online, you must send us the card for manual processing

We will continue to operate The Painted Cupboard gift/antique shop, and are expanding! 

We will continue hosting wonderful retreats! 

Jeni will continue designing and offering patterns (and possibly publishing books) through her blog,  

She will maintain an area of beautiful hand-dyed woolens in the store. 

Our local friends will still have a place to go for Open Craft Night and Small Quilts Club – please ask about our plans!

You may use a gift card in our shopping cart, however...YOU  MUST SEND THE CARD TO US for manual processing before we can ship your order.  The online card does not actually remove the funds from the card, even though it looks like it is working.  Our address:  901 Highland Avenue, Williamstown, WV  26187

Our last planned day of The Woolen Willow is Wednesday, April 30.   Online customers should use Clear30 as a discount code during check out, for a 30% off total sale (quilt shop merchandise only...NOT Painted Cupboard area).   If additional discounts are taken, we will communicate with a new code as appropriate.  


Our resident longarm quilter, Karen Barron, will continue to offer her beautiful quilting services from her home, but we will still act as a drop-off/pay/pick-up location.  More details to come!

 If you have any questions please do not hesitate to send us an email at: 

We will answer as quickly as possible. 


We ask that you help us with our liquidation by sharing and telling the news to all of your friends, clubs and guilds.  Remember, it’s just our retail quilt shop that is closing; first come, first served & best selection!!     


The Painted Cupboard is doing great and expanding, as well as the magazine business!  Our staff is staying with us, so come in and visit with everyone you are used to seeing.   And, you’ll still be hearing from Jeni with new designs and fun tips/tricks on her blog.    We’ll let you know what’s happening every step of the way.  Please take a minute to “like” The Painted Cupboard and Primitive Quilts and Projects’ facebook pages, and follow Jeni on her blog ( 


Thank you for your loyal support and years of encouragement and friendship!!  We loved every minute of getting to know everyone, and have heavy hearts letting go of the business that started everything.  But, we hope you stick with us, and enjoy the exciting changes and walk with us into our future endeavors.  We promise to stay true to everything that made The Woolen Willow Quilt Shop special and unique!